Adonoi, I Feel Your Presence Everywhere
Sheryl Goldfein

Adonoi I feel your presence everywhere
With the birds first song of spring
I see, hear & smell Your wonders of life.
My soul soars to Your heavens as the colors burst around me & my body is warmed by the summer’s sun.
You are the only one who could have created such beauty.
In the autumn the changes in the air & the living things around me remind me how strong I must be as changes occur in my life.
You are my rock & have created me to be strong & steadfast.
The cold & purity of winter are so peaceful & allow me the time and space for the renewal of strength in my body and soul.
In every season, every place I go You are with me, Adonoi.
You guide me through life’s journeys & allow me to marvel at your wonders, to adore & be thankful for all you have given me & to find peace in the world & within myself.
Sheryl Goldfein is Bookkeeper and Office Manager at The Cleveland College of Jewish Studies

1998, Foundation for Jewish Studies, Inc.