About Dr. Ron Brauner
Some Basic Details
and The Things People Usually Ask About

Ronald A. Brauner was born and raised in Philadelphia. He was graduated from Akiba Hebrew Academy and finished his undergraduate studies in Temple University's College of Education. Brauner earned a Teacher's Certificate from Greenberg College in Jerusalem and completed his doctoral work in Semitics at Dropsie College, now associated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Brauner's professional career has been devoted entirely to Jewish education; he has been a religious school principal, a researcher-writer and teacher-trainer for the Melton Research Center of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Associate Professor of Bible and History at Gratz College in Philadelphia.

Brauner has taught at Temple University and Beaver College; he was on the education staff of Camp Ramah, served as Assistant Principal of Akiba Hebrew Academy and as consultant to several boards of Jewish Education. Dr. Brauner was Dean and Director of the Rabbinic Civilization program at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College from 1972 to 1983. He has lectured to groups in more than ninety-five cities throughout the United States and Canada.
Ronald A. Brauner has written numerous articles on Bible, religion, education, and Semitic studies; he has edited four books of essays dealing with all aspects of Jewish civilization through the centuries.

His two most recent volumes, BEING JEWISH IN A GENTILE WORLD : A SURVIVAL GUIDE and THINKING JEWISH : THE ART OF LIVING IN TWO CIVILIZATIONS have been well-received. Dr. Brauner has directed the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in southern California and the Hebrew Institute of Pittsburgh. Currently, Dr. Brauner serves as Professor of Judaic Studies at the Siegal College of Judaic Studies and President of The Foundation for Jewish Studies, Inc.. Dr. Brauner is a member of the faculty of The Wexner Heritage Foundation and a lecturer for the United Jewish Appeal and Israel Bonds He is married to Marcia Silver, also an Akiba Academy and Temple University graduate. Dr. Brauner is listed in WHO'S WHO IN RELIGION and WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA.