Abandoned : A Jewish Wife's True Story

A story so troubling that, to this day, the author insists upon remaining anonymous. Rarely do we have such access to the inner life of the American Orthodox Jewish community. Many centuries of tradition have insisted that intimate family matters be kept private and away from public scrutiny. In a brave move, opposed by many, the author brings us an insider's account of a harrowing and painful marriage which simply had to be ended, whatever the costs. Religious scruples and the age-old teachings of Traditional Judaism gave way to destructive psychological and emotional abuse by a husband who should have known better. In the fervent hope that other women like herself will be spared her pain and suffering, the author has bared her soul and her story. Women in troubled relationships need to hear of the experiences of "one who was there." Women imprisoned in destructive marriages must know that they do have options, that there is hope and healing. Wise advice, drawn from years of tribulation, fill this highly personal account which reaches out to those in need and those who need to know.

This is an important contribution to the understanding of pathological relationships, and of how, from a Torah perspective, one can overcome the difficulties inherent in a marriage that cannot work. ABANDONED should be able to provide a woman in such a situation the strength to get the help she needs and to make the necessary changes in her life and the lives of her children, if there is no hope for a change in the marriage. Dr. A. Norman Goldwasser, Horizon Psychological Services

About the Author

The author supported herself and her children doing what she does and loves best - fundraising, selling and secretarial work. Her working hours were set around her children's school hours so that she would be home when they came home from school. Her fundraising assignments were close to home so that the school bus driver could drop them off at her office. She attended a prestigious northern business college and, while living in New York, was always employed with top companies on Wall Street and Fifth Avenue with Orthodox institutions. This is her first book.


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