"...And You Shall Live By Them"
Contemporary Jewish Approached to Medical Ethics

by Louis Flancbaum, M.D.

In this quite readable and highly informative breakthrough, Louis Flancbaum, MD has succeeded in enabling readers of every dimension to understand even the most troubling issues facing us today: Dealing with the terminally ill, genetic experimentation, surrogate motherhood, euthanasia, etc. Flancbaum has shown that the various movements within Jewish life have more in common in the field of medical ethics than perhaps in any other area. Built around case studies of the fictional Chollim family, Dr. Flancbaum walks us through the complexities and marvels of both the questions and the Jewish answers to some of our most challenging contemporary problems.

Here’s what some outstanding thinkers have had to say about
“...And You Shall Live By Them” - Contemporary Jewish Approaches In Medical Ethics
DR. ELLIOT N. DORFF, author of Matters of Life and Death“...I think that this is a terrific book and I myself will have students order it for the classes in Jewish bioethics I teach!”
RABBI JOSEPH TELUSHKIN, author of Jewish Literacy“A book I am sure to return to again and again, Dr. Flancbaum has written anextraordinarily readable, insightful and compelling introduction and overviewof Jewish medical ethics. . .”
RABBI DAVID WOLPE, author of The Healer of Shattered Hearts“. . .AND YOU SHALL LIVE BY THEM” is a clear and wide-ranging discussion of Jewish Medical Ethics. The reader will be moved, enlightened and comforted.”
DR. LEONARD S. KRAVITZ, Professor of Midrash and Homiletics, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion“I think the book to be an excellent piece of work...In a most fair manner, it outlines the differences between the various parties in American will provide the Jewish and general reader with a clear entree into the world of Jewish medical ethics.”
DR. HERBERT S. ROSENKRANZ, Acting Dean, Graduate School of Public Health, University of PittsburghI found the coverage truly panoramic including timely topics such as molecular genetics, population-based medical decision making and health economics. These are areas within my professional interest. Dr. Flancbaum is persuasive in his presentation that ethical issues raised by these new approaches can be resolved through halachic “first principles.”
author of Work, Love, Suffering, Death : A Jewish/Psychological Perspective Through Logotherapy Dr. Louis Flancbaum, in this highly readable book, offers a comprehensive survey of what is happening in Jewish medical ethics. His is a most novel approach which packages the discussion around practical cases and simultaneously reflects the author's commendable desire to highlight the unifying themes in this most challenging field.


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