Thinking Jewish
The Act of Living in Two Civilizations

by Dr. Ronald A. Brauner

We are so much like our neighbors - yet we are so different! This book, in a series of probing, entertaining and informative essays, aims at helping the reader understand something about Jewish differentness, something about how Jews think, what Jews believe and what Jews have contributed to the world.
This book is about what jews have in common - Jews around the world, Jews of varied and diverse cultural backgrounds. This book is a look at something of the essence of Jewishness. it is about Jewish ideas, Jewish values, about Jewish ways of looking at the same things non- Jews look at, but seeing them differently.

Read below what some of the leading figures in American Judaism have to say about
Thinking Jewish: the Art of Living in Two Civilizations...

We are fortunate that from time to time a book appears that clarifies concepts and eliminates much confusion. Dr. Brauner's comprehensive knowledge about Judaism makes this possible. THINKING JEWISH not only corrects some erroneous ideas about Judaism, but actually entertains the reader as it elucidates our muddled thinking.
RABBI ABRAHAM J. TWERSKI, M.D., author of The Shame Borne in Silence: Spouse Abuse in the Jewish Community; Life's Too Short; Waking Up Just in Time; Let Us Make Man: Self-Esteem Through Jewishness; etc.

Ronald Brauner has long been one of the foremost teachers of Judaism in our time. In
THINKING JEWISH: THE ART OF LIVING IN TWO CIVILIZATIONS, he has written an intelligent and loving account of Jewish faith and peoplehood. In his characteristically erudite fashion, Brauner explains Judaism and its unique constellation of values and beliefs in a probing and clear fashion. This is a provocative book that deserves a wide readership.
DR. DAVID ELLENSON, President, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, author of Tradition in Transition; Between Tradition and Culture; Rabbi Esriel Hildesheimer and the Creation of a Modern Jewish Orthodoxy

Dr. Ronald Brauner is exciting, charismatic, clear and funny -- a master teacher.
THINKING JEWISH shares all the virtues of its author, offering spiritual enlightenment with a smile.
RABBI DAVID WOLPE, author of The Healer of Shattered Hearts : A Jewish View of God; Teaching Your Children About God : A Modern Jewish Approach; Why Be Jewish?; etc.

Ronald A. Brauner identifies the unique ways in which Jews think about our lives. The book is a conversation between the author and the reader about many of the basic questions in life. Brauner answers these questions in a compelling, entertaining, and accessible way. In doing so, he educates the reader in a traditional yet open-minded understanding of Judaism. This is definitely the book to give to the person who wants to know about Judaism.

DAVID S. ARIEL, President, Cleveland College of Jewish Studies, author of The Mystic Quest, Spiritual Judaism; What Do Jews Believe?


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